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Our Story

Westbank Orchard opened it's gates in the 1950's under the name of 'Lindy Lou' before adopting todays name in 1973. Over the years, the land was a hive of production, from growing fruit to farming turkeys, before unfortunately reaching a state of abandon. 

After growing up helping his father in the orchard, Nigel grew a passion for the work and knew that he would like to one day own his own slice of orchard paradise. In 2001, an orchard came on the market and a young Nigel jumped at the opportunity to make it his own; this is the year that he became the proud owner of Westbank Orchard. Soon after, in 2002, Nigel found his wife-to-be, Judith. As the years passed by, Nigel and Judith worked together to restore the orchard to what would be more than it's former glory.

In 2010, Nigel went on to purchase another block of land, now known as Riverview. Orchards run in the family around here - Riverview shares a boundary with Rosedale Orchard, which is proudly owned by Nigel's brother, Simon. Riverview started with just a single block of plums, but has been bought to life by Nigel and Judith, with over 90% of the property now covered in fruit trees and veggies that help to fill the stall. 

Today you will find Nigel and Judith doing what they do best; bringing their customers the highest quality and tastiest range of seasonal stone-fruit, pip-fruit and vegetables. 


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